Proyecto OMIC Ophtalmology Medical Information Center. Kenya Medical Training College



Reducing blindness and visual impairment in Africa faces several challenges due to the shortage of trained personnel, lack of eye care systems, an aging population, and barriers to access to care.

The medical information centers can contribute to the establishment of healthy societies through providing high quality information accurately and rapidly in the medical and health field.

To provide medical information resources, is important in determining events that influence decision making of ophthalmologists in training and offering best clinical practice.

Ophthalmology Medical Information Center (OMIC)

Created in September 2015 by Information Without Borders in order to improve the library services in the ophthalmology area at the Kenya Medical Training College to enhance access to information and educational resources to faculty and students

This information is provided by Medical Information experts volunteers at Informationwithout frontiers.

Resources: PubMed, scientific journals, Elsevier